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Process Engineering

Process Engineering PEI2SE®

Some companies focus on the process, energy, or time gain. At AGENDYS we handle all of these aspects using an approach that integrates into your operations. At the same time, we take care to add value to product and the environment.

We use the best of many recognized design and enhancement methods, enabling us to create our own method: PEI2SE®.

We design, scale-up, and improve the process.

Our approach can be adapted to businesses of all sizes in any sector.

We design and improve your processes and systems (CiP, PWS, etc.) to preserve your corporation's survivability and profitability.

"Everything starts with the process."

  • Improved processes
  • Products of better quality
  • Less waste
  • Less time wasted
  • Less energy wasted

More profit
Performance Achieved with PEI2SE®:

  • Reduction of non-quality (11%)
  • Reduction in energy losses (13%)
  • Reduction of process steps (27%)
  • Reduction of time lost (56%)

Beyond Engineering

PEI2SE® is a trademark owned by AGENDYS inc.

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